Our Goal is to empower every business in the Granite State to reach their greatest potential!

We Achieve this goal by hosting New Hampshire's Largest Networking and Growth convention!

Networking Redesigned, to Maximize YOUR Efforts

We completely understand that networking can be tough for small business owners and larger company's leadership alike. That's why we have re-built the concept of business networking, from the ground up.  The NH Business Fest offers stress-free networking opportunities, where you are given a pipeline to establish those meaningful connections. Our innovative experience will leave you wishing for one of our networking festivals every weekend!

Provide Interesting Knowledge that is Valuable and Informative

It is our mission to bring in ELITE speakers and panelists, who will teach and inspire our attendees from the moment you walk in the door. Our line up is full from top to bottom with inspirational leaders and well-regarded experts, who want to help you!

Raise Money for Charity

100% of our raffle sales go to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Derry, New Hampshire! We encourage anyone willing to donate a raffle prize (gift card, one of your products, etc.) to please do so. Donating a raffle prize at the NH Business Fest is also a strong way to increase visibility and awareness of your company!