Attend NH's largest networking and growth convention!

Choose Your Track, Learn Industry Secrets from Experts

NH Business Fest is New Hampshire's largest business convention. The NH Business Festival in 2020!

Hear experts speak about personal experiences from their triumphant careers and their game-changing advice that you NEED to know! Ask industry leaders the questions you can't Google, at our talent packed panels.

Expand Your Network and Meet Like Minded Business People

The NH Business Fest is New Hampshire's largest networking event. The NH Business Festival in 2020!

Our innovative approach to networking will assure you're getting the most for your effort and investment.

Apply Your New Knowledge & Expanded Network and Watch Your Business Flourish

The NH Business Fest is New Hampshire's largest growth convention. The NH Business Festival in 2020!

Now that you've added some new tools to your repertoire, put them to work and watch how big of an impact they can make in your business and life.


Ticket Options and Packages

General Admission (Full Event Access) *Most Popular*


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Yes,  you read that right! Access to New Hampshire's Largest and Most Effective Networking & Growth Convention, its world class speakers, innovative panels and all other features ARE ONLY $35. We fully realize that other events in New Hampshire charge $300+ and they provide less value AND opportunities than our event does!

I'm not complaining, but why on earth is the ticket price hundreds of dollars less? 

We promised the largest and most effective networking event, we deliver! Our thinking is that if we price our tickets low, many diverse members of the New Hampshire business ecosystem will be able to attend. From the state's largest CEO, to an ambitious, rising employee who is hungry to learn and everyone in between! This means you'll have hundreds of people to network with, dozens of whom are potentially game-changing connections that will help take your business and/or career to the next level! Don't worry about the event being overcrowded though, we only sell a limited number of tickets. We expect to sell out, so buy today!

Benefits: Full access to the event (all speakers + choose your own panel). Additionally, after the speeches and panels, grab a location map and strategically network with local business leaders, at their table!



Business Ticket *Most Common Among Business Owners*


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Benefits: Exclusive access to all forums, visibility on our website, a booth (with table provided) set up where business owners and leaders come to you to network, custom lunch of your choice included for 2, 

Why Purchase the "Business Ticket"?

At the NH Business Fest, we are revolutionizing the way people network, to maximize your efforts!

Meeting new people is always nice, but meeting people who are a valuable connection to you makes all the difference. You are attending our event to 1. Learn new information and 2. Meet quality people that you can either sell to, collaborate with or hire. With the Business Ticket, people who want to do business with you specifically, come up to you! No more networking with people who you know you'll never be able to help and they'll never be able to help you. While the event is fun and interactive, this is an investment for the betterment of your business's future. Our event scheme achieves this!


Team Package


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Benefits: Discounted Price vs. General Ticket

Bring up to 6 members of your C-Suite, Sales Team, Marketing Team, or top performers for an exciting day full of learning, team building and new ideas! For the Team Package, full admission is included for up to 6 team members, at only $25 per person! For groups of over 6 people, please call Jack @ 603-560-6233 for special pricing. 


Student Ticket


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This is a great opportunity for students to learn, grow and network for only $15! We want to encourage all students to get out of their comfort zone, and to be inspired at our event. A current High School or College Student ID must be shown at the door, no ID or a forgotten ID will result in no admittance.  




Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

When networking, the first thing people ask you is your name, the second what you do and what company you do it for. In local networking, often we probably haven't heard of your business, but we'll nod our head along anyway. BUT what if EVERYONE already knew your company's name and what you do? This would be a huge advantage right?! 

Sponsoring New Hampshire's largest networking convention is possibly the only opportunity statewide that provides this GAME-CHANGING level of visibility.  Are you a community business leader? Does your business deserve to be known and remembered? If you are ready to take your business to new heights, claiming your spot as an industry leader in the state of New Hampshire, please email or call Jack  for more details at 603-560-6233 ,  | Opportunities don't just happen, create them!